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Why Choose Us?

D-ONE DEAL is a one of a kind program where upgraded members will be able to create web banners for programs and purpose of their choice for just US $1 monthly subscription also giving them a chance to earn $100 over and over again per subscription in the 7 level cycler.

1. Each subscription costs $1 and members will be able to create and export 10 banners for every subscription.

2. Members will have to renew their monthly subscription with external funds and not earnings from the cycler.

3. Members can purchase any number of subscriptions ($1 per subscription).

4. Failing to renew subscription, a member will lose access to the banner creator and all positions in the cycler.

5. Minimum withdrawal is $5.

6. Free members will also be able to earn ref commission of $0.50 per subscription.

7. Angel positions are postions that will earn for the maintenance of the website.